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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering




Prof.S.T. GHAN
B.E (Mechanical)

Department of Mechanical Engineering is the prestigious and outstanding department of Brahma Valley College of Technical Education.

The intake of the Department is 180 and all the admissions are full. There are 15 staff members in the department. All the staff members are young, energetic and devoting. They are hard working, studious and take a lot of pains to make the subject easy and simple. This is well reflected in the annual examination results, which are 100% in the final year and about 90% in the second year.

About 8 staff members are doing their post graduation. The staff members have great affection for the students. They always work for the upliftment and well being of the students. They mix with the students and try to know their problems whether domestic or otherwise and help the students to solve the problems.

In the department there are 8 Laboratories naming some of them Fluid Mechanics, CNC, MQC and Refrigeration and air conditioning etc. There is a huge workshop on the hill top with all the necessary machines like Shaper, Lathe machine, Planes, Millers and Grinder etc.

MY self S.T. Ghan as a head of department is pretty senior and experienced staff number. I have authored about 15 books. Which are text books from 1st semester to 6th semester in different subjects of Mechanical Engineering. I handle the department sympathetically, understanding the problems of staff and students.

The atmosphere around the institute is healthy and energetic.

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