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Science & Humanities

Science & Humanities




Prof. Arti Jha
M.Sc. Chemistry, M. Phil., PGDHRM

Our Science & Humanities department comprises of Applied Science (Physics and Chemistry), Mathematics and subjects like English, Communication Skills and Development of Life Skills. This department is the first step towards the world of Technology and was established in 2006 with two labs of Physics and Chemistry.

While Basic Physics and Basic Chemistry are common to all the courses giving incite to the students to understand various phenomena in the natural world, applied science applies the basic science toward practical endeavors.

Mathematics is the foundation of science and technology. It is there in the curriculum from Ist to IIIrd semesters as Basic Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics and Applied Mathematics respectively. The three courses in Mathematics are designed for its application in engineering and technology.

To bridge the gap amongst various medium of instructions before these courses, a course in English language is there for all the students in the Ist semester. Also Communication skills play a vital and decisive role in career development. This subject introduced in the 2nd semester guides and directs the students to develop a good personality and improve communication skills.

The subject ‘Development of Life Skills’ which is there in 2nd semester aims to provide insights into various facets of developing ones personality in terms of capabilities, strengths, weakness, etc as well as to improve reading, listening and presentation skills. It also helps the students to acquire necessary skills to manage time and stress in this age of fierce competition.

The Faculty members in our department are devoted to fulfill above objectives by their hard work.

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