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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering





Civil Engineering course started in July 2013 and first year is about to complete.

Civil Engineering course is very much important course as for as regards Bridges, Roads, Dams, Canals, Irrigation etc. is concerned. Through the course is new all the laboratories required for department are ready such as Strength of Material Lab, Engineering Mechanics Lab, Survey Equipment and model Room having different models of Irrigation projects, Bridges, Stair Cases, and Irrigation Chanel’s.

In short for the complete knowledge of Civil Engineering for the student everything is ready and all equipment’s are there to fulfill their study requirements.

The Fluid Mechanics Lab, Strength of Material Lab, Model Room, surveying Lab etc. are some of the examples of different laboratories available.

Students will get throughout knowledge of Civil Engineering. This will be very much useful for house building and such type of field work.

My self Prof. S.N.Shinde has completed 10 years in the Industrial and Teaching field. (I am having the experience of Industrial and Teaching). I am having experience of teaching the different subject such as Engineering Graphics, Strength of Material, Engineering Drawing, DOM etc. I am very well conversant with different computer works.

Every care is taken to solve the study and domestic problems of every student by conducting periodical discussion with them. Students tell their difficulties frankly and solution is sought after mutual discussion.

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