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Information Technology

Information Technology




Prof. P. S. Bhave
MBA (Finance), BE (CSE)

Vision: To develop next generation, research and innovation led engineers.

Mission: To provide a platform for innovation where students would use the imparted knowledge for technological advancements as well as betterment of the society.

The department of Information Technology established in 2006, is a sister concern branch of Computer Engineering.

The department is dedicated to provide an environment for learning and understanding the scientific and engineering principles underlying every kind of computing system, from mobile phones and the internet, via systems that interpret natural language, to the supercomputers that forecast tomorrow's weather.

  • To promote interaction of students and faculty with the Industry experts
  • To encourage the Faculty to pursue knowledge in specialized and emerging areas of technology, in order to remain constantly updated with latest developments
  • To promote a teaching-learning process whereby students could explore various aspects of technological developments

The department comprises of well qualified and dedicated staff members. The staff members possess right mix of industrial as well as teaching experience. This reflects in academic results of the students. We have been successful in constantly achieving result of above 90%.

Department is well equipped with technologically advanced labs comprising of one dedicated internet lab. Teaching of subjects is done with a mix of traditional and new methods. Students learn in digital classrooms equipped with overhead HD projector and multimedia system. This enhances the overall learning experience. To facilitate learning, languages like Hindi Marathi - English are used in conjunction. However, English is prominently used as Diploma is a professional course.

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